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  1. abahuzamugambi ba kawa

    abahuzamugambi ba kawa, huye, maraba, rwanda

    We first got to know the farmers at Maraba in 2002 and they have been supplying us with their wonderful coffee every year since then. Being a partner in their progress and development has been inspirational for us at Union. Learn More
  2. achibo co-operative

    achibo co-operative, Yayu Bioshphere, ethiopia

    The community of Achibo Co-operative, in Ilu Babor are connected to the natural resources through a system called Participatory Forest Management which relates to the sustainable use of forest resources. Learn More
  3. asprotimana cooperative

    asprotimana cooperative, huila, colombia

    Aprotimana is produced by 75 smallholder farmers in Cacica, Huila. We’ve been buying their wonderful coffee every year since 2003. Learn More
  4. benigno sanchez pajoy (la predera, cup of excellence lot 18)

    benigno sanchez pajoy (la predera, cup of excellence lot 18), cauca, colombia

    By producing a winning lot for Cup of Excellence, it teaches Benigno Sanchez Pajoy’s children a good example of what can be achieved with dedication. Learn More
  5. Black Stump, Pantan Cuaca

    Black Stump, Pantan Cuaca, Pantan Cuaca, Sumatra, indonesia

    We’ve established a collection of primary small-scale farmers who supply to the local organiser, Muhammad Pak Bakri, who is also a coffee farmer but with the status of a Collector. Mohammad manages the relationships with the farmers, checks moisture level Learn More
  6. blanca marina reyna de flores

    blanca marina reyna de flores, chalatenango, el salvador

    Blanca Marina Reyna de Flores farms the tiny piece of land called El Pileto. Learn More
  7. cajamarca

    cajamarca, canton, el salvador

    Joaquin Palomo Deneke is the owner of Cajamarca farm that was originaly created by his ancestor Roberto Alvarez in the 1850's who previously farmed coffee in Colombia.   It is located in the Mountains of Nejapa municipality, in the region of San Geronimo.  Because of this loc Learn More

  8. celso and gertrudes farm

    celso and gertrudes farm , mococa, sao paulo, brazil

    Celso and Gertrudes farm is in the mountainous region of Caconde, in the state of Sao Paulo. They farm eight hectares of Catuai and Bourbon cultivars. Learn More
  9. chanjon co-operative

    chanjon co-operative, huehuetenango, guatemala

    Here, a small co-operative of 50 Mayan farmers have been producing coffee for more than 60 years. Learn More
  10. chirinos co-operative

    chirinos co-operative, san ignacio, peru

    Chirinos is a cooperative of smallholder coffee farmers in Amazonas, North Peru. They were founded in 1968 with just 36 members. They have now grown to over 390 farmers, 30% women, from several communities in Cajamarca region. Learn More
  11. cocagi gashonga

    cocagi gashonga, cyangugu, rwanda

    Following the tremendous benefits which our direct roaster-farmer relationships brought to the community at Maraba Rwanda we were very happy to extend our work to another Co-operative, Gashonga, located on the south shore of lake Kivu. Learn More
  12. COCASMIL Co-operative

    COCASMIL Co-operative, honduras,

    In June 1999 Cocasmill was born consisting of 30 members of which 28 men and 2 women. In 2000 they started processing coffee at a members home. Today there are 82 members, of which 6 female. The farm and coffee are Fairtrade and Organic certified. Learn More
  13. cooperative esquipulas

    cooperative esquipulas, huehuetenango, guatemala

    This coffee from La Libertad is from a cooperative of 50 small scale farmers. It is washed, and then sun-dried. Learn More
  14. domarso co-operative, washed

    domarso co-operative, washed, yirgacheffe, ethiopia

    It is their organic and Fairtrade certification which enables them to develop their direct trade relationship with Union Hand-Roasted Coffee, which means they can by-pass the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange that doesn’t permit full traceability. Learn More
  15. FAF special reserve, natural, lot 52

    FAF special reserve, natural, lot 52, mococa, brazil

    This special Reserve is our direct contact trade coffee produced by the Croce family at Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza, Mococa, near Sao Paulo. Learn More

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