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our ethos

our ethos
our ethos

"Union Hand-Roasted Coffee is a small, privately-owned company, based in East London, dedicated to the joy of exemplary Arabica coffee. We roast our coffee every day in small batches to display the coffee's fullest expression of flavour and aroma.


Established in 2001, Union Hand-Roasted was created by Jeremy Torz and Steven Macatonia who entered into the world of coffee from inspiration by the micro-roastery cafes of San Francisco, California and then from their observations of the difficult predicament of farmers in coffee growing communities. "We were compelled to sound the end to our previous professional careers and launch ourselves into the world of coffee".


These beginnings give Union its fundamental difference which is driven by the desire to discover high quality coffee and share it with you.


"Union" exemplifies our coffee sourcing philosophy, in terms of the quality of the coffee and the quality of the relationships with the hardworking families who grow it.


We travel to coffee growing communities in remote regions around the world, building relationships and investing in sustainable livelihoods and farming practices. We discover coffees of distinction by engaging directly with coffee farmers and pair their best work with the art and craft of the coffee roaster.


In our London Roastery, each roast is individually tailored by adjustments to the flame to bring out the exquisite qualities, yet characterised by the unmistakable Union house style; bold intensity, infused with a deep natural sweetness.


Union’s mission is to provide you with the best possible experience by sourcing and selecting coffees and by crafting roasts that excite when prepared and brewed correctly.


We have created Union to be the benchmark of integrity and authenticity, providing the opportunity for sustainable livelihoods for farmers and excellent coffee for you. Union is the model that allows all participants in the supply chain to gain a fuller experience of the complex world of coffee and the appreciation for the environment in which it is produced and enjoyed.