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Our skilled evaluation and careful selection of coffee beans is essential to high quality. However, it’s at our artisan roasting, in East London where we produce fresh roasted coffee everyday that develops its distinctive flavour. We roast by-hand, not computer, as you can discover here...



Exemplary Arabica coffee beans are loaded into our vintage cast-iron German, Probat roaster. We roast in small batches paying close attention to developing the raw potential and individual characteristics that each coffee requires for unique bold flavours and natural sweetness. Drawing on the skill, experience and intimate knowledge of each coffee, samples are pulled from the beans tumbling inside the drum. Responding to the colour change from sage green through straw yellow towards chestnut brown and cracking as they double in size. Adjustments to the temperature of the flame are made throughout as we roast for flavour, not colour to achieve our exacting standard.


Towards the end of the roast, absolute precision and skill is needed. Now so hot, the beans are pulled at just the right moment. The drum opens and the beans release wisps of smoke and an intense aroma fills the air as they cascade into the cooling tray.


So many factors affect the flavour characteristics of each coffee including its micro-climate, soil type and quality, elevation, amount of sunshine, rainfall, and tree varietal. Given this, we believe it is our obligation to hand-craft roasts which express the full purity of every coffee and the most delicious flavour in your cup