Barista Training

Barista training

The hard work and effort creating our fine coffees can be undone if your machine is not meticulously clean, or your grinder not accurately calibrated. Brewing high quality coffee takes knowledge and precision and requires a desire to be the best of your ability.

The training suite at our Roastery in London is created to allow you to focus on the vigilance and care needed to produce superior espresso and brewed coffee. We can appraise the performance of baristas and equipment to ensure quality and consistency is maintained.


Our training programme is designed to educate you to a very high and professional level of skills. Each training session is linked with the rest of the programme and to understand the coffee making process well, we would require each of you to go through all the levels of our programme. During the process we will be working closely with you to address specific service and development needs through our more advanced sessions, helping you to deliver the best coffee imaginable, every time.


Barista Competition training is available on request

To organise any of the offered training speak with your Account Manager or email Union Hand Roasted Training & Development manager, Halina Klos.