What’s the most difficult thing about this drink? Remembering to make ice. (Filtered water only, please and thank you.)

Espresso over ice


Our suggestion for the most delicious sensory encounter via espresso over ice….

Los Lajones Geisha, Panama (calibration notes 19g/24s/28g/30-35ml/93C)

Sitio Santo Ambrosio (FAF) 347 microlot (calibration notes 20g/25s/30g/40ml/92C)

Los Lajones Panama Caturra Natural

  • Place 2 ice cubes in a 3.5 espresso glass
  • Pour double espresso over the ice – suggested coffees:
  • Serve in 3,5oz espresso glasses

You could also try the classic dessert, affogato. It means “drowned” in Italian, and you do just that – drown a scoop of best quality vanilla ice-cream in a shot of espresso. Enjoy!

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