…a new coffee is born.

We have been beavering away here in the Roastery with our coffee roasters Steven, Matt and Ben over the last few weeks at what we do best – crafting great tasting coffees roasted in small batches to develop their natural flavours to the full.

We decided to set them a challenge: create a tantalising, rich, great tasting coffee for winter.

We said it has to be deep and dark in style, be able to keep the frost at bay, and evoke dreams of roaring log fires, and the taste of traditional Christmas fare.

And definitely no nasty artificial flavours – it’s just not what we do!

This Winter Blend is all the rich colours and spiced scents of winter in a cup. Dark, seductive and very full bodied.

Indeed it’s many layers of flavours nod to Christmas cake and figgy pudding.

The taste leads with sweetness resembling candied fruit peel, followed by gentle notes of all spice and nutmeg.
Creamy butterscotch and dried fig follow up to finish with a wonderful aroma of marzipan.
Visit the shop today to purchase wholebean or freshly ground Winter Blend or a limited edition seasonal Gift Box.

Enjoy the festivities,

Union Blogger
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