One of the trends we’ve seen a noticeable rise in over the past few years, is the popularity of decaffeinated coffee. No longer does decaf need to mean ‘not great coffee’. We’re particularly proud of our new Decaf Andes Mountains Organic, Peru and we now even have a full range of decaf coffees. Key to what makes a good decaf is how is the decaffeination process. We get asked a lot about how the process works. So I thought I’d take the time to explain a little more about what makes a decaf…a good decaf.

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I’ve been reading a book set in the late 2050s. In it, the future of food supply is pretty bleak. People have more or less stopped eating meat. Soy dogs and veggie hash are the norm. And the worst part…real coffee is only available for the rich and the famous. The rest of the world now drinks ‘surrogate’ coffee.

What if I told you this book is non-fiction? That this really could be what the future looks like?

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You may have seen all the stories in the news recently about the environmental concerns of takeaway cups. Whilst Union doesn’t own coffee shops, we do supply our coffee to many different independent coffee shops across the UK. As part of that relationship we often provide takeaway cups for their business. So we felt it really important to ensure we weren’t contributing to the problem.

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Last year Macmillan raised almost £15m with their coffee event, which raises funds to support people affected by cancer. The event has been running since 1990 when a group of volunteers decided to donate the money they normally spent on a coffee at their weekly meeting to the charity.

This year’s coffee morning is on Friday the 27th of September, and there’s lots of help on how to run your own event here. If you’re quick, you can use discount code SUMMER13, valid until 19th September, and get 20% off your basket. If you don’t have time to organise a coffee morning, then maybe you could donate the 20% you save on your next order when you use the code?

There’s lots of inspiration on the Macmillan website, so throw together some scones or some cookies and brew up a pot of Equinox. Get some friends over, and help make the 2013 World’s Biggest Coffee Morning the best ever.






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