Campus at Union Hand-Roasted Coffee

Helllo! Come on in, Welcome to Campus.

We’ve been ethically sourcing and carefully hand-roasting brilliant Speciality Coffee for over 15 years now, so we think it’s time to share that knowledge. We know how exciting it is to start roasting coffee for yourself and we’ve got a great team of coffee nuts here who’ll do everything they can to help you.

We’ll show you how to roast, get you through SCAE modules, even stand over your shoulder to help you decide when to drop your first batch.

We can help you get access to some exclusive microlots to go with your new roasting skills, sourced direct from farmers via our Union Direct Trade model. We can also work with you to help discover the perfect roast for your chosen coffee.

Once you’re confident, you can rent our roastery and use it to roast your own coffee. And we’ll always be around in case you do still need a hand.

Sound good? Ace. Let’s have a brew and a chat and see what you’re after. Get in touch with Dave or Edita, using the form below and they will look after you.


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