Chilli Chocolate Brew

This punchy recipe was created by our friends at Arbikie. It comes with a kick, courtesy of their smoky, chilli vodka. Tempered a little with the smooth, sweetness of our Union Brew Lab Cold Brew Coffee and additional sugar syrup.

This is the perfect way to warm yourself up on a cool, summer evening.


• 25ml Union Brew Lab Cold Brew Coffee

• 40ml Chilli Vodka (we've worked with Arbikie Chilli Vodka for this recipe)

• 10ml sugar syrup

• 2 dashes chocolate bitters

• Orgeat whipped cream

• Chilli flakes and dark chocolate shavings for garnish

• A hi-ball glass

• Ice


1. Add ingredients to cocktail shaker and stir

2. Fill a hi ball glass with crushed ice

3. Pour the mixture over ice

4. Top with Orgeat whipped cream
(add 1 part Orgeat syrup to 4 parts whipping cream in a whipped cream dispenser and charge)

5. Garnish with chilli akes and dark chocolate shavings on top

6. Share your creation with @unionbrewlab

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Fancy giving this recipe a try then start with a bottle or two of our Cold Brew. Or if this one isn't grabbing your fancy check out some of our other Cold Brew Cocktails.