The Scotsman

This quick and easy recipe was created by our friends at The Wigmore. It's inspired by all things Scottish. A blend of Union Brew Lab Cold Brew Coffee (which originates from our coffee bar in Edinburgh) with dry gin, orange and classic scottish flavours from the Drambuie (think Scotch, heather honey and herbs).

A grown up drink to get a little extra boost at the end of a long day.


• 20ml Union Brew Lab Cold Brew Coffee

• 40ml Gin (we've worked with Arbikie AK’s Gin for this recipe)

• 15ml Drambuie

• 10ml Martini Rubino Riserva Speciale

• Ice cubes

• Orange peel


1. Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes

2. Pour the Cold Brew, Gin, Drambuie and Martini Rubino Riserva Speciale over the ice

3. Stir to lengthen

4. Garnish with a twist of orange

5. Share your creation with @unionbrewlab

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Fancy giving this recipe a try then start with a bottle or two of our Cold Brew. Or if this one isn't grabbing your fancy check out some of our other Cold Brew Cocktails.