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cascara - los lajones, geisha

cascara - los lajones, geisha Panama

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Roast: Cherry Fruit

cascara - los lajones, geisha, panama

This is something very different and very special; cascara is the dried outer fruit of the coffee bean that can be used to make coffee cherry tea.*

Hot infusion tasting notes
Green apple and freshly cooked prune compote
Cold infusion tasting notes
Mix of apple and cranberry juice, sultana and ginger

To find out more on cascara, including brewing recipes, click here.

Graciano Cruz has created a farm at Los Lajones that has the perfect conditions to undertake research to investigate how to improve quality at the farm. Volcanic soils rich in minerals and organic material provide perfect conditions for cultivating coffee. The coffee is grown under full shade trees of inga, mandarin and lemon that provide a rich environment for wildlife. The cherries are dried naturally on raised beds before milling to produce the cascara husk. These perfect ripe cherries produce the delicious syrupy sweetness in the coffee cherry tea. Coffee cherry fruit is filled with a high concentration of natural sugars, oils, vitamins and antioxidants which come from the skin and pulp of the coffee fruit.

coffee cherry tea
An infusion prepared from the outer fruit of the coffee bean creates Coffee Cherry Tea. This dried fruit prepared at Los Lajones Estate from natural dried geisha coffee cherries is called Cáscara The flavours of the infusion are very different to  roasted coffee with flavour notes of cherry and dried cranberry.

How to infuse: 70g Cáscara / 1ltr ratio water (94C). Infuse for about 10-12 mins brew time. This extended brewing extracts the sweet syrupy flavour notes and yields a pale red brew.

Or when the sun is out enjoy Cascara cold by refrigerating overnight.

*Please note this is not a coffee bean and is prepared using methods similar to loose leaf tea.


Los Lajones Estate, baru volcano, boquete, Panama

The Geisha varietal originates from seeds collected from Ethiopia for research purposes. At the time Geisha was noted for resistance to Leaf Rust, but low yields made it commercially non-viable.  Some of the seeds from a research institute in Costa Rica were planted in Panama at Finca Esmerelda owned by the Peterson family. It wasn’t until cupping sessions in the early 2000’s where it was identified that some coffees expressed a delicious floral cup. When this was investigated it was identified this coffee came from a particular part of the farm where Geisha trees were grown. 

Los Lajones is farmed according to organic principles, and because all coffee has been processed as natural or honey since 2008, water usage during processing is zero. Further, as no external heat source is used for drying this results in an overall low environmental impact.

Mature cherries are picked by workers trained to select only red ripe coffee cherries which are spread out on raised beds for 100% sun-drying for up to 28 days.  For honey process the cherries are first de-pulped before drying. These coffees are prepared to zero defect for export.

The higher regions of the farm have an abundance of bamboo which requires regular pruning because it grows fast. By planting Geisha varietal intercropped with Bamboo, the coffee trees are provided with shade and are protected against wind.  The fallen leaves from bamboo provide a fertile layer of mulch.

Queen and Princess:

The first seeds were planted in the mid 2000’s and because of the high altitude growth was slow, taking five years for the first flowering and cherry production. These trees are called Queen and the seeds taken from this crop were used to produce the next generation of trees who are named Princess



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