Roast Profiles

Roast Profile

Coffee roast types can affect the flavour of your brew enormously. Broasdly speaking the lighter the roast the more the "origin flavour" of the coffee bean will show (the flavours created in the bean by the soil, weather conditions and processing in the location where it was grown.), whereas the darker the roast the more the flavours are influenced by the qualities of the roast itself. We choose the roast based on what we feel best complements the bean itself. It's a little like cooking a steak though, it all comes down to personal preference.


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Light brown in colour (unsurprisingly), a lighter roast will retain more of the natural flavour of the coffee. This can result in a higher acidity and may often show more fruit and floral notes. Light roast is our most preferres styles, it means the quality of the coffee shines through the best and doesn't rely on masking poor quality with darker roasting.

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A medium roasted coffee bean is medium brown in colour (are you spotting the pattern?). It retains many of the flavour profiles of the natural bean but also gains some sweetness and body from a longer roast. Depdendent on the bean expect a more balanced acidity and a nutty, richer palate.

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Arguably the style of roast most familiar to coffee drinkers. More time in the roaster means the beans take on a dark brown colour (sometimes close to black) and flavours of the roast itself come to the fore. These include chocolates, dark and jammy fruits and even hints of smoke. Rounded off with a heavier mouthfeel.

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We believe roasting is a unique skill that is easy to pick up, but takes years to master. Thankfully we've been roasting for years. All the coffees you buy from our website are hand-roasted to order. Our talented roasters don't rely on clever machinery to run this key process. Instead they roast using all of their senses.