Varietal diagram


Much like wine, different coffee varietals have different impacts on both the taste and quality of the coffee you drink. Coffee varieties are the diverse cultivars derived through selective breeding or natural selection of coffee plants. Coffee beans from different places may have distinctive characteristics such as flavour, caffeine content, body, mouthfeel and acidity. These reflect the local environment where the coffee plants are grown, their method of process and the genetic subspecies.


Varietals Diagram


Varietal Relationships Diagram

Mutation: is a spontaneous change, such as marked deviation in height or leaf shape. Mutated plants are descendants from a normal one and are considered stable when they permanently keep the new type, usually after being propagated by seed.

Examples are Maragogype, Pacas- El Salvador, Caturra- Brazil and Villasarchi- Costa Rica.

Hybrids: These are natural or artificial crosses between varieties or species. When these plants are propagated by seeds they do not maintain the new type uniformly, and it is common to see segregation of characteristics.