Coffee Trade Training

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A full day of training at the Union roastery on the machine type of your choice. Focus is on espresso based drinks and understanding coffee from bean to cup


Union trade customers looking to train their staff to serve high quality barista level coffees to their customers


Level 1 Barista Skills, Level 2 Barista Skills, Maintenance, Sensory Skills and Brewing



We want to nurture our coffee at every step through to the final stage of preparing the cup. Brewing high quality coffee takes knowledge and accuracy and requires a desire to be the best of your ability. To achieve this takes training and commitment and we take this very seriously. We have a training programme from novice through to advanced level. Knowing how to pull great espresso or brew amazing filter coffee, is as essential to your victory as ours.

The hard work and effort in creating our fine coffees can be undone by un-calibrated or dirty machinery. Brewing high quality coffee takes knowledge and precision and requires a desire to deliver the best cup possible.

Our multiple training rooms, here at the Union Roastery, are created with the cafè environment in mind, each kitted out with a large range of equipment in order to best match what you are using.

The training modules are designed to educate you to a very high and professional level of skill and allow you to tailor the programme to your specific requirements. Our trainers come with a huge amount of experience, with large multi nationals, boutique independents, through to competing and judging on a world stage.

During our training and audit program, we can assess your progress and where necessary formulate a plan to further develop your staff.



Our trade training courses are currently only available to existing Union Trade customers. If you already hold a Union trade account, or if you're interested in becoming a trade customer fill in the form below and someone we'll get in touch as soon as possible.


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