We are very excited to have some old favourites back at the Roastery...and some new ones too.

New Season
Konga, Ethiopia
Konga is back in store, really fresh and floral and new season.
Haforsa, Ethiopia
Also back is our Haforsa with beatiful notes of peach, honey, with a touch of jasmine aftertaste.

San Jeromino, Costa Rica
The return of two varietals - Bourbon and Catuai - from this wonderful farm producing vibrant, crisp and amazingly bright coffee.

Asprotimana, Colombia
Our long standing relationship with this co-operative is producing ever better coffee. A must-try for Colombia fans.

Brand new to Union
Jeremy discovered some wonderful new coffees on his recent trip to Colombia. He couldn't resist buying two small quantities of microlots from the Trujillo region. These truly world class coffees are available now - Mafalda Mokka microlot and La Esperanza Geisha microlot.