Geisha coffees are some of the most sought after varietals in the coffee loving world. This year, we have access to an exclusive natural geisha from the Los Lajones Estate in Panama. Los Lajones Natural Geisha, Sweet Princess is coffee royalty. Produced by experimental and somewhat legendary coffee producer Graciano Cruz, this sweet princess is exceptional. 

The Geisha varietal originates from seeds collected from Ethiopia for research purposes. At the time Geisha was noted for resistance to Leaf Rust, but low yields made it commercially non-viable. It wasn’t until cupping sessions in the early 2000’s where it was identified that some coffees expressed a delicious floral cup. 

Graciano's sweet princess produces a clean and sweet cup with tangy red apple acidity. We roasted this coffee by hand to bring out the coffee's beautiful syrupy sweetness and notes of redcurrants and black cherry juice.  It's delicious!

Try this coffee using either filter or drip method to experience all it's glory.

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