Our newest seasonal Blend, Equinox, has just arrived in our online store.  You’ll notice its refined cane sugar sweetness, which lasts through to a creamy finish. Aromatics of milk chocolate and zingy notes of lemon candy aftertaste with sugar coated nuts make it a great choice for any time of the day.

Jeremy and Steven have selected beans from Fincas EI Diamante and EI Argentina in EI Salvador, from Homacho Waeno Sidamo in Ethiopia and Fazendas Bobolink, Brazil.

We’ve developed our relationship with these smallholders for a decade now, via our Direct Trade model, and this blend perfectly balances their distinctive beans together.

It’s £5.90 for 250g or £22.05 for 1kg.  We will update it seasonally, meaning it’s a great versatile year-around coffee. Place a regular recurring order for the exact quantities you need as often as you need it, via our coffee subscription service – just choose your coffee then select ‘subscription’ when you are checking out.

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