When we first met Comic Relief..


Pupils from ‘Ecole Maternale Ikirezi’, a new school built with support from money received through trading with us

We were pioneers back in 2002 when Jeremy and Steven purchased Rwanda’s first harvest of gourmet coffee from the Maraba farmers.

A year prior, Comic Relief’s coverage of the crisis in Rwanda has had a rapid ascent as the first growers of gourmet coffee in Rwanda, achieved through their sustained and beneficial direct relationship with us. The Maraba community has built schools for their children, provided access to healthcare, opened shops and now has thriving and bustling economy.

We’ve even teamed up with the NGO, “Africa Now” to discover more ways we can help improve the livelihoods of smallholders and build their incomes, all made possible with a grant from Comic Relief.


Community football tournament sponsored by us to help engage farmers children into the local coffee industry.