If you are a regular customer who hasn't purchased on our new site, we would like to let you know there are a few differences within the account and check out section:

> Unfortunately we were unable to carry across previous order history from our old site. This means that the first time you use this new site, you will have to place your first order 'from scratch'.

 It's not all bad, it's the perfect chance to explore and discover our world of coffee!  Here are some helpful pointers:

>>It will take a little longer than simply re-ordering, but why not take this opportunity to explore our portfolio, now listed across a number of categories. 
>>Alternatively, use the Coffee Selector panel to help guide you to your perfect coffee. For a complete list of all our coffees, you will find these covered between Estate and Blend categories.
>>Make use of the new search function for pin-pointing coffees from specific origins, or containing specific words

> Your account details should all have been carried across to this new site, along with your password.

>>   Use your account section to manage all your details including addresses, wishlists and orders.

> If you have any issues or comments please contact us, we will be happy to help.