Situated on the corner of Sicilian Avenue and Southampton Row, FreeState Coffee turns the former premises of a chain, Pret a Manger, into a haven for independent coffee lovers – a trend that is accelerating across London.

You’ll find the relaxed, neighbourhood atmosphere of a Lower Manhattan coffee shop at FreeState Coffee.

 What you won't get says Cummings is “...that all-too-common pretentious barista attitude. Sure [our guys], take pride in making the best coffee with loving care, but more than anything they’ll make anyone who walks through the door feel welcome.  Think Friends not Crocodile Dundee.“

FreeState Coffee’s curved floor-to-ceiling windows create a light, open space.  Its eclectic, industrial style incorporates a row of cinema seats, vintage gym changing room benches complete with numbered hooks for kit, and bars and walls clad in recycled wood from 1920s French railway carriages.

And to stamp a transatlantic influence on the design, Tom flew to the USA to buy his mint green coffee cups and saucers, and hauled them back across the Atlantic himself in two suitcases.

Italian-American Tom has chosen Foundation Blend for his house espresso.
A dark roasted blend of speciality coffee, reminiscent of the Southern European tradition of coffees with dark chocolate and caramel flavours, hand-roasted in East London by Union.  And for the inquisitive coffee drinker there will be a changing menu of guest espressos.