UK Barista Championships 2014

The championship is a nationwide search to find the most talented and passionate barista scoring them across a total of 12 drinks to be served in 15 minutes.

Four espressos, four cappuccinos, and four signature drinks - which can involve coffee brewed by any method, combined with any other Ingredient (apart from alcohol) - are the requirements for competitors.

Coffees are chosen by the competitors to use in the competition and they will be looking for interesting natural flavours within the coffee on which to create a theme around or explain to the judges as part of their 15 minute presentation.

The Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Best Newcomer Prize

We will again be searching for the best newcomer to the competition this year. Now in it's third year, it's our hope through this prize category, that we will be able to attract those baristas who otherwise may not enter feeling they have no chance of winning against more seasoned competitors. 

This year we decided to follow 2 newcomer's journey in the competition.

You can read all about their journey so far here.

The Road to UKBC2014