Winter Blend

Ooh baby it's cold outside, so snuggle up inside with our new season Winter Blend now available from our online store. 
Why not try our Winter Egg Nog recipe using an espresso serve of Winter Blend? Revelation Blend also works really well balancing the smokiness of the bourbon and rum with the sweet chocolate notes of the coffee.


75ml half and half or full fat milk if unavailable
25ml bourbon 
25ml golden rum 
20ml vanilla syrup (simple syrup will do if vanilla is unavailable) 
1 single shot of espresso (Winter Blend or Revelation) 
Just over half an egg 
Nut meg to garnish


In a boston cocktail shaker glass add the milk, bourbon, rum, vanilla syrup and espresso shot. 
Beat the egg in a glass and add just over half to the boston glass. 
Fill with ice Shake and strain into martini glass, champagne cup, small wine glass, brandy balloon, or small rocks glass – whatever glasswear that does it the most justice! 
Like all good egg nogs - Grate nutmeg on the top to garnish 

Balcones Peru

Balcones is the defined location at a high altitude within the producer groups area where we source from, so the name change reflects this, not a change in coffee.