Released at the start of October, Winter Blend is already impressing fresh coffee enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Winter Blend

Jeff Melnyk (@jefflovesjoe) from London said “great London coffee roasters doing amazing, sustainable things – we salute you.

Lynne Clark (@josordoni) from London said “Well if you like good coffee, you won’t go wrong with Union Roasted their coffee is very, very special”.

Even before brewing, you can take in the aromatic scent of the coffee grounds as soon as you open the pack. All our coffees are roast-to-order from their website, so this is super-fresh coffee. Once brewed, the taste is sublime. A unique blend of the freshest coffees, which have been expertly roasted, the result is an intriguing mix of flavours, with hints of blueberry and the sweet taste of dried cherry.

Winter Blend can be used for all serves. Espresso drinkers will be in for a treat, as Winter Blend will make for a fine, rich full espresso with fruity plum-like notes present, a sweet, zesty orange flavour with a lovely vanilla butterscotch finish. Brewed as a filter e.g. cafetiere brew, it is the perfect taste for the cold season: think Christmas pudding and cream.

With such a flavourful coffee it’s perfect to complement ‘in season’ winter dishes. Savoury greens, hearty meats like duck and turkey and fresh mushrooms for example, along with rich desserts and even the odd glass of malt. A combination which is sure to keep you warm and satisfied during the icy British weather.     

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Winter Blend can be ordered directly from, although some retailers will be adding stocks for their seasonal line.

Also look out for Winter Blend in leading independent cafes.

We are committed to providing the freshest hand roasted coffee. Working directly with small holder farmers across the world from El Salvador and Guatemala, to Ethiopia, we ensure high quality standards are in place supporting producers where necessary to help them grow the best coffee possible.