Our coverage of the 2014 UKBC starts now.

The 2014 UKBC ended on Sunday 6th April, 2014 at the London Coffee Festival. Big congratulations go out to Maxwell Colonna Dashwood for taking the title of UK Barista Champion for the second time! He will move on to compete in the World Barista Championships 2014 in June.

From left Estelle Bright, Dale Harriss and UK Barista Champion 2014 Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

The final results are as follows

669.5 Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

643 Dale Harris

634 Estelle Bright

623.5 John Gordon

593 Joe Meagher

592.5 Don Altizo


Union Best Newcomer Award

We are happy to announce this year's best newcomer award goes to Imogen Ludman of  Six/Eight Cafe in Birmingham. She has won a trip to origin with our team to see how coffee is grown. Congratulations Imogen!

Have a look at our interview with 2013 Union Best Newcomer Winner Chee Wong.


The lead up to UKBC 2014 Finals


The competition

The championship is a nationwide search to find the most talented and passionate barista scoring them across a total of 12 drinks to be served in 15 minutes.

Four espressos, four cappuccinos, and four signature drinks - which can involve coffee brewed by any method, combined with any other Ingredient (apart from alcohol) - are the requirements for competitors.

Coffees are chosen by the competitors to use in the competition and they will be looking for interesting natural flavours within the coffee on which to create a theme around or explain to the judges as part of their 15 minute presentation.

The Union Hand-Roasted Coffee Best Newcomer Prize

We will again be searching for the best newcomer to the competition this year. Now in it's third year, it's our hope through this prize category, that we will be able to attract those baristas who otherwise may not enter feeling they have no chance of winning against more seasoned competitors. 

Prize Category

  • UKBC - Best Newcomer (Working Barista)

Criteria: The winner will:

  • - Adhere to the competition entrant rules – to be found on http://ukcoffeeevents.co.uk/
  • - Achieve the highest score in the UKBC final
  • - Should no newcomer make it to the UKBC final (at the London Truman Brewery), the highest scoring newcomer from the previous round (referred to as the semi-final) will win
  • Should no newcomer make it to the UKBC semi-final (at the London Truman Brewery), the highest scoring newcomer from the regional heats will win
  • - Have not competed in the UK Barista Championship event before
  • - Be a working barista at the time of competing i.e. is employed/self-employed as a barista in a consumer-facing role on a daily basis
  • - The intention here being that a person in a consumer facing role will be the best ambassador to share the knowledge from, as well as being less likely to have the opportunity to get access to, such a trip (than someone from a training or other industry role).


Heidi Beeton- Prufrock Coffee

Imogen Ludman- Six Eight Kafe

Emiliya Yordonova- Avenue G Cafe

The Super Heats

This year's heats will be held at the Millenium Point, Birmingham from 9th -12th February, 2014. 

See running order below

  Sunday 9th February Monday 10th February Tuesday 11th February Wednesday 12th February
900 9.15  Dhan Tamang   9.15  Don Altizo 9.05  Dale Harris
  9.45  Estelle Bright   9.45  Jana Slamova 9.30 John Gordon
        9.55  Gayan Munaweera
1000 10.15  Emiliya Yordanova   10.15  Alexander Passmore 10.20  Joe Meagher
        10.45  Dan Fellows
1100 11.30  Ewan Osprey-Allan 11.00  Martin Pearson 11.00  Oliver Tolic 11.10  Tom Hamlyn
    11.30 Joe Grainger 11.30 Gareth Jones 11.35  Jason Gonzalez
1200 12.00  Ryan Brodie 12.00  Mark Williams 12.00 Heidi Beeton 12.00  Ivan Hewitt
        12.25  Stuart Archer
        12.50  James Green
1300 13.15  Rachel Jowitt 13.15  Imogen Ludman 13.15 Adrian Byniewski 13.40  Daisy Rea
    13.45  Caspar Steele 13.45 Matteo Pavoni  
1400 14.15 Diana Johnston 14.15  Sungsoo Yune 14.15  Laura Holmes 14.05  Eve Purdy
  14.45  GarethKemble 14.45  David Felgate 14.45  James West 14.30  Maxwell Colonna Dashwood
1500 15.15  Darryl Docherty 15.15  Bartosz Ciepaj 15.15  Liam Ward  
  15.45  Will Sumner 15.45  Connor Bramley 15.45  Chris Walton  
      16.14 Omar Al-Sabahi  

The results of the Super Heat

Click here for a summary of everything that happened at the Super heats. Too busy? Scan through the results below.

Heat 1

Estelle  Bright – Caravan Coffee Roasters         587

Emiliya Yordanova – Avenue G Cafe                  480.5

Dennis Tutbury – Harris & Hoole                       449

Ewan Osprey-Allan – Brew Lab                          536

Ryan Brodie – Crediton Coffee Company          DQ

Rachel  Jowitt – Owens Coffee Roasters          366.5

Gareth Kemble – Carvetii Coffee Roasters       322

Diana Johnstone – Avenue G Cafe                    551.5

Steve Pearson – Devon Coffee                             490

Darryl Docherty – Artisan Roast                       593.5

Will Sumner – Artisan Roast                              344.5

Best of the day:

Best espresso awarded to Estelle

Best cappucino awarded to Darryl

Best signature drink to Darryl

Best newcomer of the day goes to Emiliya

Heat 2

Robert Ross – Taylor Street Baristas – 456

Joe Grainger – Takk Manchester – 405

Mark Williams – Relish – 480

Imogen Ludman – Six Eight Kafe – 509

Caspar Steel – J Atkinson & Co – 535

Sungsoon Yune – Masher Espresso – 423.5

David Felgate – The Apple Tree – 316

Bartosz  Ciepaj – The Proud Archivist – 303

Connor Bramley – The Black Lab – 421.5

Martin Pearson – Takk Manchester – 283

Brewers Cup 

Jeremy Challender – 198.75

Steve Leighton – 257.25

Mark Williamson – 218.75

Liam Field – 229.25

Howard Barwick – 209.5

Sebastian Stephenson – 207.5

Matthew Van Elkan – 197.5

Sang Ho Park – 194.25

Gareth Jones – 189.5

Gordon Howell – 193

Best of the day:

Best espresso – Caspar Steel

Best Cappuccino – Caspar Steel

Best signature drink – Robert Ross

Best newcomer- Imogen Ludman

Heat 3

Jana Slamova – Baxter Story – 398.5

Alexander Passmore – Origin Coffee – 489.5

Don Altizo – Baxter Story – 525.5

Oliver Tolic – Hotel Du Vin Brighton – DQ

Gareth Jones – Prufrock Coffee – DQ

Adrian Bytniewski – Urban Coffee Company – 400

Matteo Pavoni – Cafe Ritazza Euston Station – 399.5

Laura Holmes – Small Batch Coffee Company – 466.5

James West – Harris & Hoole  - 435

Liam Ward – Saint Kitchen – 423.5

Chris Walton – Union Hand Roasted – 483.5

Omar Al-Sabahi – Java Lounge Coffee House – DQ

Heidi Beeton – Prufrock Coffee – 540

Best of the day:

Best espresso – Heidi Beeton

Best cappuccino – Heidi Beeton

Best signature drink – Don Altizo

Best newcomer- Heidi Beeton

Heat 4

Dale Harris – Hasbean – 603.5

John Gordon – Square Mile – 593.5

Gayan Munaweera – United Coffee -

Joe Meagher – Flat Caps Coffee – 581

Dan Fellows – Origin Coffee – 562.5

Tom Hamlyn – Cafedirect London- 385

Jason Gonzalez – Colonna and Smalls – 471.5

Ivan Hewitt – Strangers with Coffee – 292.5

Stuart Archer – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 294.5

James Green – Coco Jambo – 356

Daisy Rea – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 337

Eve Purdy – Pumphrey’s Coffee – 417

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood – Colonna and Smalls – 616.5

Cup taster's challenge

TJ Phillips

Jason Gonzalez

Alex Passmore

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Katherine Macarthy

Dennis Tutbury

Best of the day:

Best espresso – Joe Meagher

Best cappuccino – Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Best signature drink – Dale Harris

Best Newcomer- Tom Hamlyn


Held at the London Coffee Festival, April 06, the championship finals will be a fitting climax to this years caffeinated contest.

This year's finalists are:

Maxwell Colonna Dashwood

Dale Harris

John Gordon

Darryl Docherty

Estelle Bright

Joe Meagher

Dan Fellows

Diana Johnston

Heidi Beeton

Ewan Osprey-Allan

Casper Steel

Don Altizo

Imogen Ludman

Steve Pearson

Alex Passmore

Chris Walton

Emiliya Yordonova

Mark Williams

Jason Gonzalez

Laura Holmes


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