What We Do

What we do

Good coffee. That’s at the heart of everything we do. Every single one of our coffees is scored 84 and above on the SCAA’s coffee quality scale. It’s the top 2% of coffee in the world.


We source good coffee

We source all our coffee through Union Direct Trade. That means more than just paying farmers a fair price. It means working with farmers, long-term, to improve the coffee and their livelihoods.

It’s where our name comes from – Union. And it’s where the best coffee comes from.


We roast good coffee

Our roastery is dominated by our cast-iron Probat coffee roasters, originals from the 50s. Our dedicated roastmasters tend the coffee beans as they tumble, swell, change colour from sage to straw to chestnut brown, then pull them from the hot drum at just the right second. Through this meticulous craft of roasting, tasting, adjusting... roasting, tasting, adjusting, we develop the coffee’s rich, sweet flavours.


We sell good coffee

You can find us in Waitrose and Ocado. Or subscribe direct to CoffeeClub and get good coffee, freshly roasted to order and delivered right to your door. Or give someone the gift of a great cup of coffee.

We supply top cafés, boutique delis, coffee bars, and restaurants, too. Not only that, but we help them with specialist equipment – from cleaning to calibration – and offer top-notch barista training. Interested?


We brew good coffee

We support a coffee culture. Not a coffee cult. Everyone should feel empowered to own, and enjoy great coffee. So we guide you through every type of brew, from ‘press down the plunger’ to ‘extinguish the spirit burner’. Email or tweet us your coffee questions and observations, whenever you like.


We celebrate good coffee

Love coffee? Love an event? Then you’ll love our coffee events. Hands-on brewing, Q&As, cupping, seasonal blend showcases, latte art throwdowns, the works. Sign up to our list (at the bottom of this website) and we’ll let you know what’s coming up.


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