When the mercury rises, we’ve got some great ideas for refreshing coffee drinks to keep you fuelled throughout the summer.

Iced Latte

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Iced Latte is a classic that’s easy to prepare and never disappoints!

We suggest using Emporium Caturra Microlot from Panama (19g/35ml/25s/27g) or

Equinox (18g/40ml/25s/27g) as they both taste great with milk.

To give you the best tasting drink, we recommend you use ice cubes made using filtered water.

  • Place 4 ice cubes in a 7.5oz latte glass
  • Pour double espresso over ice – suggested coffees:
  • Top up with 4oz of cold milk

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What’s the most difficult thing about this drink? Remembering to make ice. (Filtered water only, please and thank you.)

Espresso over ice


Our suggestion for the most delicious sensory encounter via espresso over ice….

Los Lajones Geisha, Panama (calibration notes 19g/24s/28g/30-35ml/93C)

Sitio Santo Ambrosio (FAF) 347 microlot (calibration notes 20g/25s/30g/40ml/92C)

Los Lajones Panama Caturra Natural

  • Place 2 ice cubes in a 3.5 espresso glass
  • Pour double espresso over the ice – suggested coffees:
  • Serve in 3,5oz espresso glasses

You could also try the classic dessert, affogato. It means “drowned” in Italian, and you do just that – drown a scoop of best quality vanilla ice-cream in a shot of espresso. Enjoy!

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The Classic Espresso Martini was created in 1983 by bartending legend Dick Bradsell in London following a request from a customer for a drink which would “wake her up and …’mess’ her up”. UK Coffee in Good Spirits Champion of 2014, David Jameson, tells us all about this quintessentially elegant cocktail!

Espresso Martini

espresso-martini-1-682x1024Adapted, experimented with and modified over the years, this classic cocktail is worthy of a revisit (or two, or three…)

I like to use Absolut Vodka for its single estate wheat which is used as a basis for distillation. I like the way this mirrors my preference for single estate coffee! It is neutral on the nose with just a touch of cereal aroma. It is a light dry vodka with very light hints of caramelization and a mellow, sweet but short finish.

I pair this with Kahlua for its 100% Shade-Grown Arabica from Veracruz, Mexico. It grows alongside the sugar cane from which the spirit is distilled. The coffee is combined with 7-year aged sugar cane spirit and bottled to create a liqueur with a sweet, fresh coffee flavour.

What coffee to use? The relative neutrality of the spirits gives my espresso room to shine. Los Lajones Natural Caturra Microlot (Panama) is a sweet, fruity coffee with flavours of strawberry, chocolate, cream and orange. In order to get a good crema on the finished cocktail you need to use coffee within 3 weeks of roasting.

Make a ristretto, using 23g of very finely ground coffee and pour the shot for 30 seconds to yield around 45ml, and approx 35g finished espresso. In a mixing glass, add

  • 50ml Absolut Vodka
  • 10ml simple syrup (50/50 sugar & water)
  • 15ml Kahlúa Liqueur
  • Los Lajones Ristretto (prepared as above)


  1. Top with ice
  2. Seal with shaking can and shake vigorously until the can is cold and showing condensation
  3. Split the shaker and double strain using a Hawthorne strainer and a sieve
  4. Garnish with 3 coffee beans, split side up
  5. Serve immediately

Thanks Dave! Check out his award-winning Orange Custard Martini recipe too

Why Cold Brew?

Cold Brew Coffee


It’s something we’re rather excited about around here.

It’s got a lot to recommend it. Apart from the fact you just might not fancy hot coffee when the temperature outside is soaring, it’s a brilliantly refreshing way to enjoy a sweet, bright fruity coffee with a minimum of fuss.

Using this immersion method gives you a delicious tasting concentrate, which is revitalising to drink over ice and has sweet acidity. Essentially for high quality coffee, this brewing technique highlights some of the subtle floral and fruit notes that may be more muted with hot brew.

You don’t need special kit. If you’ve got a large cafetière or Chemex that’s ideal, but really it’s coffee, water, a big jar and something to strain it with – as simple as a kitchen sieve.

Cold brew lends itself beautifully to making large batches, and keeps for up two weeks in the fridge. That’s a workflow we like. By brewing your own coffee you know you’re getting the best out of your precious beans. It’s all win!

Try using Los Lajones Honey from Panama or our Bright Note Blend for an outstanding cup.

How to make it

  • coarsely grind 120g of coffee
  • pour 1L of cold filtered water into your jug
  • add the ground coffee and stir to make sure all the grounds are thoroughly wet
  • leave overnight in the fridge.
  • filter out the extraction; a coffee filter or muslin in a sieve works well for this
  • bottle and store in the fridge.

Play around and adjust ratios and the brew time until you get the balance you like. Tweet us your version of the recipe at @unionroasted!

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